1. Introduction

Foxboro  has released several versions of I/A Series DCS. Beginning with the node design, and continued to mesh design. All of these developments are intended to increase the performance and capability for future expansion. 

2. Hardware Overview (Node Design)

The following picture shows the system architecture for I/A Series with the node design


Basically, I/A Series consists of modules as follows:

2.1. Processor Modules

Processor Modules consists of:

Application Processor (AP): functioned as server, host configuration software and storage. Use Unix OS.


Workstation Processor (WP): functioned as client for operator interface. Use UNIX, or  Microsoft Windows (NT, XP) OS.


Application Workstation (AW): combination of AP and WP. Use UNIX, or Microsoft Windows (NT, XP) OS


Dual Nodebus 10BaseTInterface (DNBT): to connect AP, WP or AW to nodebus via ethernet cable


Control Processor (CP): to execute control computation. The CPs can be in single or redundant mode, and will be connected to Field Bus Module (FBM).


2.2. Fieldbus Modules (FBMs)

FBMs are used as IO modules, to receive analog or digital signal from field devices, or to send analog or digital output signal to field devices.



2.3. Mounting Structure and Enclosure

Mounting structure is a rackmount structure that will be used to placed modules (CPs, FBMs, power modules). The arrangement of mounting structures will be placed on industrial panel called Enclosure.


3. References

For more information about Product Specification Sheets of the latest I/A Series DCS, refer to: http://resource.invensys.com/iaseries/pss/index.htm