Today, I finally finish my job to conduct training at Temasek Polytechnic. The participants are some mechatronics students from  School of Engineering. The objective of this training is to prepare the students on entering the workforce in process control industry, and in particular to prepare some students to take 5 months internship program in my company.


The training program takes 2 weeks to complete, and covers practical topics such as: basic hardware in process control, PLC logic and HMI software. The first lecture has been conducted by my manager, Mr. David Ong on the topic of offshore industry. The next session has been conducted by my colleague, Jiang Qi on the overview of the hardware involved in a process control project.


After topics on hardware, then it was my turn to explain on PLC architecture and logic programming. The students have an opportunity to do hands-on experiment on real PLC, assembly the PLC modules and wiring and writing the ladder logic program.


The next session has been done by my colleague, Xia Bo Feng on HMI software. The students also have opportunity to do hands-on experiment for HMI, and also how to connect the HMI into PLC.


At the last day, the students have the opportunity to do small project, and finally present their project. This is very an rewarding moment to see them explaining their project in front of the lecturer, students and of course, my dear boss 🙂 Really nice to see these youngsters make their gigs on stage performance. I also can see their enthusiasm during training, their eagerness to understand something and their sense of responsibility to get the things done.




After the training, I am also receiving many feedback from lecturers and students to improve this training in the future.  This is very important, because for technical training; our objective is to give a hands-on experience in a short period, as a basis for the audience to develop a more advanced application in the future. A few days; or one week shall be enough to give such a foundation. Starting with a short introduction, and continuing to gives handout consists of step-by-step experimentation. A lecturer can give the guidence, while the students do their experiment. Starting from simple logic, and build more advanced application. Starting from simple HMI drawing and combine the logic with HMI so complete the overall training project.

The other thing is how to make the training more fun. Because learning with fun is more effective, can increase students interest and easily to teach new concept to them.

Hmm … something that I shall try and improve it later if I have an opportunity to conduct training in the future. Hopefully I also could have chance to do it in Indonesia …


*Thanks to Mrs Yuan Min, Mr. Lim Hock Chuan and students for the event and feedback!