Recently, I attend course on Plant Information Management System (PIMS)/Exaquantum Administrator at Yokogawa Jakarta. yokogawaoffice

What is PIMS? Basically, PIMS delivers real-time and historian plant data to management level. For performing this purpose, PIMS uses the advances of IT infrastructure and client/server technology. Yokogawa offers their solution by Exaquantum system which consists of server/client and web application. The communication between Exaquantum to Process Control System could be established using OPC.


From the software administrator side, the heart of PIMS configurator is the Exaquantum Management Console:


For database management and administration, Exaquantum uses Microsoft SQL Server 2005.

Administering the database consists of monitoring the progress or growth of archive from Exaquantum Management Console and Microsoft SQL Server, and perform regular backup to external tape via Backup Utility in Microsoft Windows Server 2003. Mismonitoring or miscalculation of database size can cause problem due to limitation of harddisk capacity.

Exaquantum itself was developed by Yokogawa Marex in UK. Here is the video of their company profile: