Recently, we’ve got a project to install flow meter for open channel. Some installation points are suitable for constructing weir and flume structure to measure the flow using level measurement.

However some locations are quite challenging, means that constructing weir and flume would require big investment of money and manpower. Therefore, I try to search for other methods and technologies for measuring open channel flow.

Some technologies and products are as follow:

Area / Velocity Methods:

– Doppler: Sontek, Macemeter, Isco

– Electromagnetic: Flo-tote (Hachflow)

– Non-contact radar: Flo-dar (hachflow), Raven-eye, RQ-30 (sommer)

– Non-contact laser:Laserflow (Isco)

Here is the report for evaluation doppler and electromagnetic types.

Here is the report for evaluation of non-contact radar type.

Ultrasonic Transit Time Methods:

– Ultraflux

Some suppliers are follow:

RSHydro, Flo-tronic (raven-eye)

There are also solution provider for water measurement technology and system integration to SCADA such as Greenspan  (the reference project is SMART at KL).

Here are videos related to principle or description of the above products:

Non-contact radar area velocity (RQ-30), Sontek SL, Discharge measurement in streams

Other products:

Nivus, Greyline, micronics, ott, nortek, isodaq

… to be continued